Philanthropic Priorities

Philanthropic partners of all kinds—individual donors, businesses, foundations—are essential to every aspect of UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals’ mission. Your generous gifts support the following priorities:

Capital Needs

With a new, leading-edge hospital in San Francisco—created with support from generous partners—UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals are setting higher standards for pediatric care. Your investments ensure the continuing excellence of our San Francisco facility and will support the transformation of our Oakland campus. As part of a 10-year master plan, we will strengthen inpatient services with improved intensive care units, physical rehabilitation space, and additional private rooms. We’ll also reconfigure our outpatient facilities by relocating clinics; expanding Emergency Department parking; and creating a state-of-the-art outpatient rehabilitation facility to advance our pioneering model of care.


Today’s pediatric medicine enables children to survive devastating illnesses that once took lives in infancy. But there is much more we can do to protect and advance the health of young people. With a gift to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals, you support basic research that expands our fundamental knowledge of wellness and illness. You advance translational research—transforming laboratory discoveries into next-generation treatments and technologies. And you enable clinical research, bringing advanced medicine to our community first. Research taking place on our campuses today has the potential for worldwide impact across a wide range of health issues, including asthma, birth defects, blood disorders, cancer, cardiac disease, childhood obesity, diabetes, iron metabolism, HIV/AIDS, neurological disorders, nutrition, kidney disease, and vaccines.


Preparing and inspiring the next generation of pediatricians and pediatric specialists is one way we ensure that our passion for children’s health and our commitment to innovation serve families everywhere. Your gifts support scholarships that make the best health-science education financially accessible to the brightest students and fellowships that advance the work of doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows, and trainees. You also ensure faculty excellence by enabling us to attract the finest clinicians, researchers, and teachers to mentor the next generation.

Patient and Family Services

Because families are our priority, our work on behalf of children extends to the people who love them and will help them transition from hospital to home and community. Support for the whole family begins when a child is admitted for care.

Our specialists work closely with families to meet each child’s developmental, emotional, and psychosocial needs. Art and music, school programs, therapeutic play, pain management, libraries and online resources, sibling support, animal- assisted therapy, holiday celebrations, volunteers ready when parents need a break—these are just a few of the benefits your gift makes possible. Special programs are also available to help the many families who travel great distances to receive care at our Oakland and San Francisco hospitals.

Community Benefit

UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals turn no child away because a family cannot afford to pay for care. More than half the young patients we serve are supported by government-sponsored health insurance, such as MediCal, which covers just a portion of their medical expenses. Only your generosity bridges the gap between what these programs pay and what complex care costs. Your gifts also enable us to provide charity care to eligible families that don’t qualify for government-sponsored health insurance.

Our service to community extends beyond our core function as hospitals. With your support, we also serve and advocate for vulnerable children living in at- risk situations. We provide early intervention for children with emerging health challenges. We address specific medical challenges—including asthma, obesity, and HIV/AIDS—in vulnerable children. And we offer a wide range of wellness programs, including injury prevention.