The UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals Foundation is dedicated to advancing children's health through clinical innovation, scientific advances, and a commitment to health equity. 

Thanks to donations large and small and the generous philanthropic spirit of our community, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals stand as leaders in pediatric health care. Whether using virtual reality to transform pediatric care or harnessing genomics as the next wave of childhood cancer treatment, the future promises to inspire. Please join us in helping the children and families who need us most.

Board of Directors 2024

David Beier 
Valli Benesch 
Lynne Benioff 
Angela Glover Blackwell 
Henry Denero 
Diane Dietz
Maria Echaveste
Suresh Gunasekaran, ex-officio
Erin Hickey, President, ex-officio
Samir Kaul 
Timothy Kendall 
Carolyn Klebanoff MD
Steven Klein
Melissa Knox
Chris Kwei
Shahan Soghikian, Chair
Sarah Wagener
Lisa Walsh, Vice Chair
Gregor Watson
Carrie Wheeler, Treasurer 
Melissa Williams, Secretary