Care Kits for Patients and Families

When patients and families are missing the comforts of home, these kits can give them a few minutes of distraction or relaxation. Please reach out to [email protected] if you're up for a fun and meaningful project!


 Seasonal special request: We would love to build up our supplies of Laundry Kits and Welcome Kits!


General Guidelines

  1. To make the kits, assemble the items in a clear zip-top bag. Some kits, like slime, require exact ingredients as listed but for most you can just include a selection of the items.

  2. For the safety of our patients and families, please only include brand-new items, wash your hands, and assemble the kits in a sanitized setting.  

  3. We care for patients up to 18 years old and appreciate a variety of kits for kids of all ages.   

  4. Items should be appropriate for all audiences; please avoid religious, political or holiday themes, anything violent, and be respectful of the diversity within our community.

  5. Reach out to [email protected] for delivery details and any questions.