Care Kits for Patients and Families

We would love to build up our supplies of Welcome Kits and Activity Kits.
Thank you!


When patients and families are missing the comforts of home, these kits can give them a few minutes of distraction or relaxation. Please reach out to [email protected] if you're up for a fun and meaningful project!



  1. To make the kits, assemble the items in a clear zip-top bag. Some kits, like slime, require exact ingredients as listed but for most you can just include a selection of the items.

  2. For the safety of our patients and families, please only include brand-new items, wash your hands, and assemble the kits in a sanitized setting.  

  3. We care for patients up to 18 years old and appreciate a variety of kits for kids of all ages.   

  4. Items should be appropriate for all audiences; please avoid religious, political or holiday themes, anything violent, and be respectful of the diversity within our community.

  5. Unfortunately we are unable to accept handwritten notes for patients several reasons. Paper is a specific concern for infection control and even the most well-meaning messages can sometimes miss the mark, for instance saying "Get Well" to a child with a chronic condition. Instead, you can add a label to your kits that says something like "Made especially for you by Girl Scout Troop #22!" and/or decorate with fun stickers.

  6. Reach out to [email protected] for delivery details and any questions.