My younger brother was a patient here and I loved how well the nurses took care of him. That experience inspired me to become a nurse. Monica Arceneaux
I love that my job allows me to have an immediate impact on our communities by providing families with a voice and a way to overcome cultural barriers to healthcare. Alejandro Diaz

Alejandro Diaz

Dr. Ama

As a first generation Ghanaian-American, I am blessed to be able to take care of so many patients and families who are also minorities in this country and advocate for them, as their voices are often forgotten. Dr. Ama Baffoe-Bonnie
It brings me joy to see the kids go home with their families healthy and safe with a smile on their faces. Jamie Reyes

Jamie Reyes

Alvin Hendrix, Sr

Our kids and families are resilient, smart, and dedicated to the hospital and the community. They always make me feel that they are us and we are them. Alvin Hendrix, Sr.
As an Afro-Latinx with indigenous Mayan heritage, I have committed myself to serving the rich diverse communities in Oakland where I now live. Dr. Camille Moreno

Dr. Camille Moreno

Dr. Marsha Treadwell

I am proud to be a part of this hospital community with its powerful legacy of social justice and commitment to caring for all children and families, regardless of background or circumstances. Dr. Marsha Treadwell
I’m inspired by the strong will of our patients and the determination of their families. Gerald Hudson

Gerald Hudson

Adina Vargas

I've always felt what a blessing it is to work at BCH Oakland and serve our diverse community. There are no judgments once you enter our facility. Dedication and diversity are what we represent. Adina Vargas
The resiliency of the children and families we serve is what fuels me each and every day. Shelley Hamilton

Shelley Hamilton

Jerry Boatwright

What's not to love about a hospital where the main focus is helping sick children get better? It feels good to be a part of a community that is passionate about making a difference in a child's life. Jerry Boatwright
The strength and resilience of the kids and families we serve and all staffs working tirelessly inspire me to come to work every day and do my best. Ngawang Dolma

Ngawang Dolma

Felicie Standley

I am honored daily to witness the strength of children and their families' ability to overcome obstacles that can seem insufferable. Felicie Standley
I am blessed to be part of the BCH Oakland family. I hope to continue to grow my career here and bring professional excellence, comfort and care to the families and staff. Domonique Trotter

Dominque Trotter

Brenda Husband

I am inspired by how the kids and families appreciate the exceptional services our employees and physicians provide to them. Brenda Husband
I am always appreciative of the opportunity to serve and provide medical care for children. Dr. Olajire Idowu

Dr. Idowu

Michelle Ednacot

I love working with youth who are passionate about becoming future healthcare providers and educators, while facing the numerous barriers coming from under-served communities. Michelle Ednacot

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