Hope for Kids

Shortly after their daughter, Gabriella, finished cancer treatments at the age of 5, the Cosner family founded Team G Childhood Cancer Foundation in 2013. Joined by cancer parents, Diego and Claudia, who lost their daughter to the same form of cancer 3 years ago, these families and members of their community embarked on a campaign to support children and families affected by pediatric cancer.  

The foundation raises funds through different events to improve pediatric cancer treatments through research. Inspired by some of the amazing youth they encountered during each of their daughters' treatments, these families have become advocates for all children fighting cancer today.

One way they provide support comes in the form of Hope Totes, hospital survival kits created for newly diagnosed cancer patients. The foundation also provides funds for new and innovative treatment options.

“Team G has raised over $93K for pediatric cancer research and has sent over 900 Hope Totes.”

Recently, the Team G Executive Board met with UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital San Francisco pediatric oncologists and principal investigators about their recent discoveries to improve childhood cancer treatments. Since this meeting, Team G has funded two of their key projects in the amount of $19,000.  

“With support from the Team G Childhood Cancer Foundation, we have opened a Cancer Center-wide initiative to store sarcoma tissue that is taken out by surgery, and to study these specimens in labs across UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and beyond.  We hope to address key questions including whether genetic changes can predict when sarcomas decide to metastasize, how they become resistant to chemotherapy or radiation, and whether we can grow tumor samples using 3-dimensional culture techniques to test new anti-sarcoma medicines in the lab.  With the knowledge gained from the study of real patient tumors collected in a prospective, comprehensive way, we believe that we can make a difference in how we diagnose and treat these cancers,” says Amit J. Sabnis, MD.

To date, Team G has raised over $93,000 for pediatric cancer research at various institutions and has sent over 900 Hope Totes for distribution to families newly diagnosed with childhood cancer.