Putting the Pieces Together:
Unpacking the Genetics of Autism

Curious about the genetics of autism? So is pediatric neurologist Dr. Elliott Sherr, who leads UCSF’s effort to reveal the genes that give rise to autism spectrum disorder and develop treatments that will revolutionize how we care for children with developmental disabilities.

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Meet our Patient Ambassadors!

Their stories could fill volumes: The little boy who had open heart surgery when he was just a month old. The teen grappling with ulcers in her digestive track. The fourth grader who worries about cancer when he should be learning karate. Despite all they’ve been through, these young people are determined to give back to others through our Patient Ambassador Program. Each year, these remarkable kids share their stories in a variety of ways, including community events, media interviews, videos, and more. Learn more about these courageous kids below.


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